™ is an AI-powered spatial intelligence software company that uses anonymous location data from existing infrastructure to observe human behavior in any physical space. We deliver actionable and applied insights to companies, allowing them to drive business results they’re after in real-time, often delivering a +10x annual ROI.



Real-time insights and advanced Spatial Intelligence delivered across your organization’s ecosystem to positively impact business outcomes.

Our advanced predictive algorithms and data analysis provide you with deep, actionable insights that can help you better understand the spatial dynamics affecting your success.


CONNECTyour customers and store personnel in new ways…for better results.


UNDERSTANDyour customer’s intuitive Path to Purchase motivators with applied Spatial Intelligence.


INCREASErevenue through a better understanding of your customers’ physical in-store journey.


STOPin-store theft before it ever happens.


PROTECTour customer’s privacy using Pathr’s 100% anonymous location data analysis.


REPURPOSEexisting surveillance + sensors to glean deeper customer insights than ever before.


COMPETEwith online commerce by emphasizing live, people-based in-store exchanges

You Can Learn a Lot from a Dot.™ captures and displays individuals moving through a physical space as anonymous moving dots on a floor plan.


How It Works™ taps into existing infrastructure, such as cameras and other sensors, to anonymously capture human behavior and interactions inside physical spaces. Our advanced Behavior Engine delivers predictive data analytics on applicable use cases, connecting location data to tailored outcomes. Dive deep into the analytics through visual and interactive dashboards and reports.


Any business who utilizes a physical location with people moving and interacting within their space can benefit from’s™ anonymous and data driven Spatial Intelligence insights. Featured use cases:

  • Staff & Customer Interactions: Drive incremental store profit by optimizing staff/customer interactions 
  • Shopper Flow: Improve merchandising and display performance by knowing where customers spend their time
  • Checkout and Queue: Optimize checkout staffing and direct employees to their best and highest use at all times, in real-time
  • Suspicious Behavior Detection: Reduce shrinkage due to theft and fraud by flagging suspicious behavior as it happens
  • Lease Rate Optimization: Justify lease rate increases in shopping malls based on foot traffic, dwell time, and interaction with other merchants ​
  •™ Powered Smart Building Applications: Deliver optimal wait times for tenants in commercial office buildings to drive higher tenant engagement

Through our Machine Learning (ML) technology,™ provides customers with actionable insights needed to drive business results that matter most to their growth.

Industries Served by™

  • Retail
  • Shopping Malls
  • Grocery
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Industrial
  • Critical Infrastructure