Pathr™ is a spatial AI platform and data analytics-driven “behavior engine” that evaluates the way that people and objects move through, and interact within, their physical environment (such as a retail store, entertainment venue, or public space), with the aim of enhancing customer experience and increasing profits. Real Time Spatial Intelligence. Applied



Real time insights and advanced Spatial Intelligence delivered across your organization’s eco-system to positively impact business outcomes.

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Meet On the X — a highly intelligent, agnostic spatial analytics tool to guide and enhance your customers’ physical movement through your store.

Using On the X, you can follow their retail journey—getting a glimpse into 1:1 interaction with store personnel in critical pre-sale moments.  Discover what’s working, and what isn’t, along the Path to Purchase.
Our AI-powered predictive data analytics tools help you to:
• Enhance revenues• Improve human resources• Reduce theft and fraud

Our advanced predictive algorithms and data analysis provide you with deep, actionable insights that can help you better understand the spatial dynamics affecting your success.


CONNECTyour customers and store personnel in new ways…for better results.


UNDERSTANDyour customer’s intuitive Path to Purchase motivators with applied Spatial Intelligence.


INCREASErevenue through a better understanding of your customers’ physical in-store journey.


STOPin-store theft before it ever happens.


PROTECTour customer’s privacy using Pathr’s 100% anonymous location data analysis.


REPURPOSEexisting surveillance + sensors to glean deeper customer insights than ever before.


COMPETEwith online commerce by emphasizing live, people-based in-store exchanges

Pathr™ is here to be your “brain of the store.” 

Don’t lose market share because your business is out of sync with essential interactions occurring right under your own roof.


How It Works

Forget about relying on intangible traditional location data and raw numbers that don’t drive tactical results. On the X ups the game for retailers looking to spike profits and compete with online brands. 

Pathr™ taps existing location data sensors and provides Machine Learning (ML) based on the most advanced AI tools. Our predictive data analytics model enables you to customize and address your shoppers’ in-store browsing and buying experience to impact Path to Purchase like never before…all in real time.

Identify and intercept fraud before it happens.

On the Frontlines of Fraud Prevention

Privacy First.
Our completely anonymous location-based data tracks the representation of customer or object movement—a simple “dot” on a digital interface. No personal information, customer socio-economic, demographic or visual data is involved, making Pathr the only 100% private spatial analytics platform.

Pathr™ never taps profile information, appearance or behavior. 
Did you know that retailers lose $57 billion to inventory shrink each year?




Any business or organization whose success relies on managing customer, patron or object movement through a physical environment will benefit from Pathr’s anonymous, location data-driven Spatial Intelligence toolkit. Pathr can:

  • Track widgets as they move off the assembly line
  • Monitor shipments as they move from the warehouse to loading dock
  • Guide traffic flow in busy public spaces
  • Better target ads, promotions and special offers in real time
  • Track operational problems before they occur with anonymous location data analysis

Similar to assessing human interactions, Pathr™ also evaluates the way inanimate objects, robots and vehicles move within a diverse set of workspaces to determine their spatial impact.  

Through our Machine Learning (ML) protocols, the Pathr engine helps customers glean the data-supported insights they need to achieve greater operational efficiency for their business—and faster, more profitable results.

Industries Served by Pathr™

  • Malls
  • Casinos
  • Stadiums
  • Hotels/Resorts
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Theme Parks
  • Corporate Campuses
  • Warehouses
  • Airports
  • Public Spaces