You can learn a lot from a dot.

Actionable insights into people’s movements and interactions in any physical space. Drive business outcomes that matter most to you in real-time.

Your untapped, valuable data can be harnessed by’s Brain of the Store®!

Most stores today are just like old website counters – only measuring traffic and nothing else. is building digital analytics for the physical world, helping you understand people’s behavior inside your physical spaces, much like modern website analytics today.

By using your untapped pool of data from existing infrastructure, delivers real-time and scalable spatial intelligence solutions that provide massive business value to you.


Fast & Scalable

Use existing cameras with no installation disruption and deploy’s solution across multiple locations. It’s only software, so it’s up and running fast.

A Financial Win

Drive better business decisions that unlock new revenue and reduce costs, delivering a +10x return each year.

Work Smarter

Just like how teams have playbooks, create location-specific playbooks for your stores.


No privacy hassles. No privacy risk. No personally identifiable information (PII) — GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Your existing cameras + AI = 10x return is here to be your Brain of the Store®. Our software platform turns your existing security camera infrastructure into business value.

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Existing Cameras

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It’s in production today for dozens of leading businesses.

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