™ is the industry’s first and only Spatial Intelligence platform. By tapping existing anonymous location data (from a variety of agnostic surveillance sources and sensors),™ identifies highly actionable business insights based on these learnings. Our proprietary behavior engine then applies this intelligence and provides management with an invaluable glimpse into the way humans, and objects, move within the physical spaces important to an organization’s sales and operations success.™ is Disruptive Behavior Analytics for Companies. Click here to learn more about our technology!

To build a robust AI-enabled Spatial Intelligence platform that reads anonymous location data and offers a scalable, end-to-end spatial analytics solution—able to deliver valuable business insights into how the movement of customers and objects within an organization’s physical spaces impact success.

The Power Of™

The first true Spatial Intelligence platform in the market,™ applies algorithm-derived learning across the entire spectrum of physical operations. The result: Generation of high-level actionable insights pivotal to business success.™ delivers predictive analytics with the power to alter financial and logistical outcomes...across your organization.

  • Pathr™ connects micro location data to specific business use cases
  • Information is captured anonymously—identifying customer or object movement as a “dot” on a graphic screen
  • Pathr™ doesn’t tap personal information, socio-demographic or behavioral profiling
  • Our AI-enabled insights can showcase any number of in-store, on-site interactions
  • Pathr’s end-to-end platform model isn’t confined by the limits of app technology

“Until™, there wasn’t a useful way to apply the raw behavioral and spatial data obtained from existing location sensors.™ takes this information and turns it into actionable business strategies and tactics. Through analysis of a customer, patron or even inanimate object’s movement through a physical space,™ can help improve sales, communications and operational efficiencies across a range of verticals.”

- Founder George Shaw

What™ Offers™ helps brick-and-mortar operators and businesses across a diverse range of verticals achieve greater customer responsiveness in real time™ provides commercial operators with an anonymous way to detect and divert theft before it happens, without 1:1 personal or behavioral profiling or direct surveillance™ monitors and streamlines the movement of people and physical resources—for example, within a retail store, shopping mall, public space, factory, loading dock or across the supply chain™ enhances the quality and effectiveness of critical exchanges between people (patrons and staff), and even between people and objects or robots, that are central to success