About Us

Pathr.ai is transforming how companies understand their physical locations – through the power of spatial intelligence.

Our platform delivers real-time insights into the behavior of people inside physical spaces using existing infrastructure – helping you drive growth and reduce cost.


To understand human movement and behavior in every physical space through Spatial Intelligence and allow companies to use these insights to achieve greater business growth.

Our Story


Pathr Timeline 2009

Spatial Intelligence was created as part of the Human Speechome Project by Pathr.ai CEO George Shaw and Pathr.ai Advisors Ken Jackowitz and Rony Kubat at the MIT Media Lab.


Pathr Timeline 2010

George and Pathr.ai Advisor Ken Jackowitz first adapted Spatial Intelligence for industry to meet Bank of America’s business needs as part of MIT’s Center for Future Banking.


Pathr Timeline 2011

George and his team brought Spatial Intelligence to retail while he was VP of R&D at analytics powerhouse RetailNext.


Pathr Timeline 2015

Silicon Valley startup AltSchool applied Spatial Intelligence to classroom education with George as their head of R&D.


Pathr Timeline 2017

With George as Head of Data Science, Second Spectrum used Spatial Intelligence to revolutionize the way NBA players and fans enjoy the game of basketball.


Pathr Timeline 2018

George was a Principal Engineer at Intel and the Platform Architect for the Responsive Retail Platform, a software platform for in-store computer vision, fueling Spatial Intelligence use cases.


Pathr Timeline 2019

Pathr.ai is the world’s first real-time Spatial Intelligence Platform.

Pathr™ Logo


We are a founder-led company that began with a vision to understand the behavior of people inside physical locations and connect those insights to business decisions that unlock growth.

What We Value

We believe in three core values at Pathr.ai, what we refer to as the 3H’s.


If things aren’t working, especially when it comes to matters that impact our customers, we are going to be honest about them and move forward with the truth.


We recognize that we’re not going to know everything. We are humble enough to recognize when we are wrong and learn.


We have high ambitions and envision a world where analytics in physical spaces becomes the norm, and we are confident we’re the team to deliver the world’s first spatial intelligence platform. As individuals, we are always looking for opportunities to better ourselves.

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