Emerging Stronger After Covid-19

April 15, 2020

Ryan Parker
Chief Operating Officer at Pathr™.

This pandemic pause has provided a moment for all of us to stop and reflect on what really matters when it comes to our health, our priorities, and the way we work. As always, we look to emerge stronger than before and are optimistic about what the future holds, but recognize that change will also be required.

From a business perspective, this pandemic has shown us that our ability to react and respond to unforeseen events is more important than ever. How do we ensure the safety of our customers and staff? How do we ensure our customers are receiving the goods and/or services they need? How do we improve operational agility to manage times of crisis? And, just as important, how do we better leverage our existing assets to pay for it all? Is there a way to use this time of disruption to disrupt our own business models and processes?

Fortunately, technology disruption has also been occurring with AI, the cloud, and open source transforming our IT infrastructure and operations. What had been missing, until now, was the ability to leverage these disruptions to transform our operations, sales, and marketing at scale. These barriers weren’t technological per-se, but rather ones of economics. To add centralized infrastructure to support business functions made sense, but to distribute them broadly didn’t. That however has now changed as advances in AI, computer vision, and real-time communication have made it possible to leverage existing infrastructure. In fact, this existing infrastructure, including security cameras, WiFi, sales data, and operations/staff systems, contains a treasure trove of potential insights. Additionally, the further emergence of open ecosystems and pay-for-what-you-use business models have further improved the economics.

What is needed then, is a platform that leverages the above disruptions, eliminates silos, and links to actual business needs to allow us to be nimble and efficient. Far too many systems give basic statistics like traffic, sales, throughput, but they don’t provide actionable insights or recommend what to do. Additionally, many provide data from point solutions that don’t give us a complete picture into what is happening in real-time. A complete solution then, brings this all together.

Having struggled for years with antiquated systems and incomplete insights, the Pathr team was formed to finally provide a solution. Our platform was designed from the ground up, leveraging benefits of the technological disruptions to change the economic model while delivering real business insights. Our approach is not to give difficult-to-interpret metrics or point solutions, but rather to provide you with the ability to expand business insights and explore questions limitlessly and cost effectively. To do this, we leverage the existing capital-intensive infrastructure investments that have already been made without the need for more hardware or dashboards. Additionally, we are focused specifically on spatial intelligence or the behaviors that occur as people and things move through space, interact, and perform tasks. We then tie these behaviors, in real-time, to actual business needs. Do you want to understand how well you are complying with social distance recommendations? We have developed a Social Distance Score ™ to tell you. Do you want to understand what interactions will maximize conversion? We can guide your staff to the exact locations in real-time. Do you want to understand not just traffic, but what constitutes a trip journey? What behaviors are desirable/suspicious? We can tell you this and much more using anonymous data captured from your existing infrastructure. What’s more, our platform is designed to add nearly endless use cases that are designed with you to answer your most critical business questions.

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