Grocery’s spatial intelligence software helps grocers improve store performance, increase profits, and reduce costs with real-time behavioral insights.

Use Cases delivers spatial intelligence solutions that help grocers improve profitability.

Traffic and Conversion

Throw away your legacy traffic counting solution. Gain true sales conversion rates by measuring traffic and entrance group sizes. A family of 4 is not a conversion rate of 25% that your old traffic counting solution would tell you, it’s 100%.

Checkout Queue & Staffing

Manage front of the house staffing to reduce labor costs while improving customer experience. Make the most of scarce store staffing resources by directing them to their highest and best use in real-time.

Shopper Behavior

Optimize your merchandising and display tactics at fixture-level by measuring where shoppers go and spend time. Know your dollars per dwell for every department, every fixture.

CPG Display Tool

Understand where conversions happen, whether it’s along the aisles, end caps, or other merchandise areas. Create a new revenue stream with valuable category traffic and dwell data.

Specialty Department Operations

Stronger interactions, happy customers. Stop lost sales by staffing specialty departments quickly when wait times exceed desired threshold. Direct help to vacant counters during unstaffed hours.

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