Retail’s spatial intelligence software integrates with existing cameras to help retailers improve store performance, boost profits, and lower costs with real-time behavioral insights.

Use Cases is here to be your Brain of the Store®. Solve retail challenges with Spatial Intelligence.

Traffic and Conversion

Throw away your legacy traffic counting solution. Gain true sales conversion rates by measuring traffic and entrance group sizes. A family of 4 is not a conversion rate of 25% that your old traffic counting solution would tell you, it’s 100%.

Customer-Staff Interaction

Stronger interactions, happy customers. Improve store profits by guiding staff and customer interactions with real-time insights and interaction alerts. Stop lost sales by opening locked cabinets before the shopper walks away.

Shopper Behavior

Optimize your merchandising and display tactics at fixture-level by measuring where shoppers go and spend time. Know your dollars per dwell for every department, every fixture.

Checkout Queue & Staffing

Manage checkout staffing to reduce labor costs while improving customer experience. Make the most of scarce store staffing resources by directing them to their highest and best use in real-time.

Pop-Up Shop Analytics

Test retail strategies and build customer loyalty in pop-up shops with insights that matter most to you. It’s so cost efficient and quick-to-setup even pop-up shops can take advantage of

“Brick-and-mortar retailers can now gain deeper insights into their customer behavior with the power of Pathr’s spatial intelligence platform. This is a game-changer in today’s market that empowers every retailer with the knowledge to accelerate their sales growth.”

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