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Pathr.ai Announced Strategic Partnerships and New Analytics Tools at NRF 2022

Partnership with The Lionesque Group and MG2 Delivers Pop-Up Shop Analytics for Retailers; Ombori Partnership Provides Insight Into Effectiveness of Retail Experience Solutions

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Pathr.ai Announces Partnership with The Lionesque Group and MG2 to Deliver Pop-Up Shop Analytics for Retailers – Unveiling at National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2022

Pop-Up Shops Will Have Access to Performance-Enhancing Spatial Intelligence Analytics, Allowing Retailers to Drive Better Business Results

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Pathr.ai Unveils New Spatial Intelligence Analytics Tools for Retailers to Help Drive In-Store Profitability, Increase ROI

Launches Groundbreaking CPG Display Tool That Allows Retailers to Assess the Effectiveness of CPG Brands at Their Stores for the First Time Ever

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Pathr.ai Announces Strategic Partnership with Ombori to Accelerate Growth for Retailers

Collaboration Enables Retailers to Measure the Effectiveness of Retail Experience Solutions for Driving Sales within a Store

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VIVOTEK and Pathr.ai Partner to Deliver Spatial Intelligence to Cameras

The Partnership Allows Pathr.ai to Engage with VIVOTEK on Customer Cross-Sell Opportunities, Including Adding Value to Existing Camera Installations with Pathr.ai Use Cases and Prioritizing…

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Pathr.ai Strengthens Position as Privacy-Centric Solution for Retailers with Spatial Intelligence Platform

AI-Powered Solution Enables Retailers to Unlock New Opportunities for Growth Through Privacy-Preserving Data

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Pathr.ai Expands Beyond Retail; Unveils New Sensor Layer

Sensor Layer v2.0, powered by Intel, integrates into existing infrastructure and delivers an improved solution for understanding how people move and interact inside physical spaces

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Spatial Intelligence Platform Pathr™ Announces Release of the “ON THE X” Marquee Software Solution for Brick and Mortar Retail

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Pathr.ai, the industry's first Machine Learning (ML) enabled Spatial Intelligence "behavior engine," today officially released "ON THE X"—its…

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Pathr™, the Industry’s First Spatial Analytics “Behavior Engine,” Secures Venture Funding from E14 Fund

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 8, 2020 | PRNewswire - Pathr.ai, the industry's first and only Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Spatial Intelligence platform, announced it has secured financial…

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Former Intel Technology Strategist Ryan Parker Joins the New Spatial Intelligence Platform – Pathr™

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, Dec. 19, 2019 | PRNewswire - Pathr.ai, the industry's first Machine Learning (ML) enabled Spatial Intelligence "behavior engine," today announced the appointment of Ryan…

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Here’s how this startup is helping companies understand how people move about their stores and shopping centers

Shopping center operators, retailers, office building managers and even manufacturers are using technology from Pathr Inc. to track and analyze how people move in their physical spaces. The operator of a shopping mall, for example, could use the Mountain View company's service to find out how many people pass by particular storefronts and then use that information to set its rates for those locations.

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Pathr.ai Unveils New Sensor Layer

Sensor Layer v2.0, powered by Intel, integrates into hotel and restaurant existing infrastructure and delivers an improved solution for understanding how people move and interact inside physical spaces.

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MIT Startup Exchange is pleased to announce the addition of six companies to its roster of STEX25 startups. New additions to the program include: Amogy, DeepCure, E25Bio, OPT Industries, Pathr, and Sync Computing.

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Applying Spatial Intelligence to CRE Operations

Counting crowds has become an important tool in retail: that is, watching where people go in a store to better understand how they look at products and make purchase decisions.

It’s a lesson that commercial real estate should learn, argues George Shaw, CEO of Pathr, a software vendor that provides tools to study the movement of people in buildings without collecting identifying information, to better preserve privacy. Originally designed for the retail industry, Pathr is expanding to other industries, including commercial real estate.

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Just-released AI software lets shopping center cameras capture and analyze shoppers’ movements

Pathr.ai’s spatial intelligence software, powered by artificial intelligence, analyzes how people move and interact in a space. It already was serving retailers, and today, Pathr.ai rolled out Sensor Layer v2.0, which can integrate with landlords’ existing security cameras and other sensors to analyze how people move in shopping centers, office buildings, factories and other commercial buildings. Commerce + Communities Today contributing editor Matt Hudgins chatted with Pathr.ai founder and CEO George Shaw to learn what the technology can do for commercial landlords.

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National Grid Partners Announces $150 Million in Fresh Investment Capital; Adds Two Disruptive Startups to its Fast-Growing Portfolio

LOS GATOS, Calif., April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Since its launch less than three years ago, National Grid Partners (NGP) has put $227 million to work in dozens of startups at the intersection of energy and information technology.
Now the utility industry’s first Silicon Valley-based corporate venture and innovation group is poised to continue disrupting the future of energy with a new investment allocation of $150 million.

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Have Retailers Dialed a Wrong Number on Capacity?

As federal and local authorities ponder the challenge of “reopening” the country following weeks of coronavirus lockdowns, it won’t necessarily mean a return to “normal” conditions is anywhere close. Indeed, it seems likely that many of the compromises made to mitigate the coronavirus spread during the crisis will remain in place.

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5 Retail Tech Solutions Keeping Shoppers Safe During Covid-19

The threat of coronavirus is changing the way retailers handle in-store traffic, with many stores limiting the number of shoppers who can be inside at any one time. With social distancing guidelines constantly in flux, retailers are turning to location technology and machine learning to help make shopping safer for both customers and employees.

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Breakup in Aisle Three: Retail Tech Goes the Distance

That same voice calling for a cleanup in the produce aisle may also start telling people to break it up. With social distancing currently a top priority of retailers in the current environment, a supplier of shopper engagement and loss prevention technologies has flipped the script, now making devices that heighten real-time awareness of social distancing in retail stores.

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Startups Changing Their Business Models in Response to Covid-19

Spatial Intelligence platform Pathr uses machine learning to understand how people navigate businesses. Because of the platform’s flexibility—it’s able to work across a variety of different environments to track anonymous location and movement data—Founder and CEO George Shaw saw an opportunity to adapt the service in response to the pandemic.

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MIT-Affiliated Companies Take on Covid-19

As the world grapples with the public health crises and myriad disruptions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, many efforts to address its impact are underway. Several of those initiatives are being led by companies that were founded by MIT alumni, professors, students, and researchers.

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Emerging Stronger After Covid-19

This pandemic pause has provided a moment for all of us to stop and reflect on what really matters when it comes to our health, our priorities, and the way we work. As always, we look to emerge stronger than before and are optimistic about what the future holds, but recognize that change will also be required.

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Solving Social Distancing Through Spatial Intelligence

In order to understand the spread of disease, it’s common to use statistics and simulation. Epidemiologists have many tools at their disposal to understand the spatial patterns of disease outbreak and spread. These tools are blunt force instruments, however, due to the coarse granularity of the underlying data. We know 5 people in our county that caught the disease; however, what we aren’t focused on are some retrospective questions: was there a way for them to avoid catching it? Is there a way for others to lower their risk given asymptomatic individuals? How do we make our public spaces safer, implement these new social distancing practices, and still try to enjoy our day to day life? The answer lies in Micro-location and spatial intelligence.

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WSJ Pro: Artificial Intelligence – NRF Features Pathr™

Pathr.ai, an analytics platform for shop-floor activity, combines a proprietary "behavior engine" with existing in-store cameras and other sensors to map customer interactions in real time. That latter point is key, according to Chief Operating Officer Ryan Parker.

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Pop-Up Retailers Will Finally Have Analytics to Chart Success

This episode of Retail Refined explored the emerging spatial intelligence technology that provides pop-up stores the opportunity to utilize real-time analytics to enhance the buying and selling experience. George Shaw, founder of Pathr.ai, and Melissa Gonzalez of The Lionesque Group discussed the technology that is set to transform retail environments throughout the world.

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The Future of Grocery is Here Live at GroceryShop 2021

What’s the future of grocery? In an industry that’s evolved dramatically since 2020, there are lots of trends to discuss. Retail Refined host Melissa Gonzalez spoke with multiple stakeholders to get their take, including Pathr.ai's CEO George Shaw.

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The Robin Report and Pathr – Do you know where your customers are?

Join special guest George Shaw, CEO of Pathr, Robin Lewis and Shelley E. Kohan, TRR’s chief strategist as they explore how algorithm-based spatial intelligence provides meaningful insights to help understand live customer interactions in real time, increase sales, decrease losses and manage your workforce.

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The Future of Data Driven Store Design: Retail Refined

In this podcast, Melissa Gonzalez discusses the evolution of store design through data collection and statistical analytics with George Shaw, founder of Pathr. Via computer vision and AI, George discusses how Pathr is able to capture actionable insights to inform operations teams, LP and marketing teams alike to illuminate shopper groups, customers and staff interactions and throughput opportunities at check-out. Social distancing will guide new store layouts, but science will help inform optimization and ways to increase flow without sacrificing safety.

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Pathr™ Demo Reel: NRF 2020

The Pathr™ behavior engine at work.

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Disruptive spatial analytics technology to move your brand forward

Watch Pathr Founder George Shaw discuss how Pathr’s behavior engine works, in real time, within a retail store context

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“Brick-and-mortar retailers can now gain deeper insights into their customer behavior with the power of Pathr’s spatial intelligence platform. This is a game-changer in today’s market that empowers every retailer with the knowledge to accelerate their sales growth.”

Robin Lewis, The Robin Report

“Delivering an exceptional tenant experience and workplace environment is a core aspect at River Point. Within our tenant engagement app, Pathr.ai’s spatial intelligence solution has been essential to providing tenants with optimal times to use our elevators, helping them feel more comfortable and safer as they return to the office. We’ve received strong tenant usage of Pathr.ai’s elevator wait time analytics, helping to increase our building tenant capacity from 20% to 25% in the last few weeks.”

Michelle Nanni, General Property Manager at Hines

“Pathr™ represents a paradigm shift in the way we apply ML and predictive algorithms to better understand how individuals, groups and even objects interact within any number of physical environments-retail being chief among them. Spatial intelligence is the next wave in shopper marketing, and an evolution of retail analytics as we know it."

Ken Jackowitz, Executive Advisor to AI/ML Companies

"Pathr™ provides spatial intelligence while respecting the privacy and dignity of individuals as they move through space. In a market full of invasive facial recognition, socio-economic/racial profiling, and psychographic vaporware, Pathr's privacy benefits alone make this solution game-changing and future-proof for brick-and-mortar intelligence and security."

Michelle Shevin, works for one of the nation's largest philanthropic organizations focused on social justice and digital rights
Privacy and Data Protection with Pathr.ai™

Published: September 10, 2021

This white paper explores how Pathr.ai’s technical stack upholds our commitment to data privacy and regulatory compliance.

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Pathr.ai FAQ

Last updated August 2021.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Pathr.ai.


What does your engagement process look like?

We offer low-risk and short-term pilots that deliver proof of value against specific use cases and typically lead to ongoing and expanded services.

Do I need to purchase new cameras, sensors, and processing systems?

No, our solution is source-agnostic, meaning it integrates with a variety of existing sensors and video system providers. This allows us to deliver a much faster time to value at a dramatically lower initial cost for our clients.

What's the typical time for deployment?

Pathr.ai deployment times are measured in hours compared to weeks or months from our competitors.


Is Pathr.ai's software limited to only one location? 

Pathr.ai’s technology can be scaled to multiple locations, nationwide or globally. Our team will perform a viability assessment on locations of interest based on your existing infrastructure in place.

How would I interpret the analysis?

After configuring your proven analytics package for your specific use cases and company environment, the analysis can then be interpreted through visualizations on dashboards, sent to you via industry visualization tools, such as Tableau or Microsoft Power BI.

Do I need a team of data scientists to interpret the analytics? 

Nope! Your personalized analytic reports are highly visual and easy-to-understand, delivered through interactive dashboards. However, for clients whose data science teams are interested in developing additional internal analysis, a full data set can be exported at any time.

How are the analytics delivered in real-time?

Once your analytics package for your specific use cases is built, we then deploy it in the field to be able to return real-time results back to you, so that you can better guide live interactions that matter most to you. Real-time applications of analytics (such as alerts for suspicious activity) are typically supported via APIs configured during initial set-up.

What business results should I expect from these insights? 

Based on specific business needs, clients often see a 10x or greater annual ROI. To help ensure a positive financial outcome, Pathr.ai will complete a business case / ROI assessment at no cost to the client.


Is Pathr.ai GDPR compliant? 

Yes, Pathr.ai is GDPR compliant, since the data stored in our systems are anonymous coordinates and timestamps and are therefore not considered personally identifiable information (PII).

How is the Pathr.ai analysis anonymous?

Pathr.ai uses 100% anonymous location data—people movement is represented only as a “dot” on a digital interface. This “dot” is not personally identifiable information (PII) and is stored as anonymous coordinates and timestamps. We do not retain data that can de-anonymize coordinate data. In addition, we do not collect demographic information, such as gender, age or race.


What is your pricing plan?

Pricing is based on a subscription model per location per month. We will work closely with you to create a subscription based on your needs. For any further questions on pricing, please feel free to contact sales@pathr.ai.

Do you offer free trials?

While we don’t offer free trials, Pathr.ai often works with clients to create low-cost, fast implementation pilots that quickly validate the value we can deliver at scale.

Do you offer one-time reports?

No, we don’t. Pathr.ai is a subscription service that provides you with custom tailored reports that help drive business results that matter most to your company in real-time.

If you have any other questions, please contact info@pathr.ai