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WSJ Pro: Artificial Intelligence – NRF Features Pathr™

Pathr.ai, an analytics platform for shop-floor activity, combines a proprietary "behavior engine" with existing in-store cameras and other sensors to map customer interactions in real time. That latter point is key, according to Chief Operating Officer Ryan Parker.

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Where Does Digital Reality End and Physical Reality Begin? With AI Algorithms, It Doesn’t Matter

Behavioral science is a classic discipline charting and analyzing actions between people to predict patterns. But what if a business (of any vertical) could get enough information about the behavior of its customers—in any number of physical locations pivotal to that organization’s success—without having to wait for a lengthy analysis? That’s the powerful promise of emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

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Computer vision is here. Now what?

By now, you’ve probably heard about computer vision and recent advances in the field. Compared to even just 10 years ago when computer vision was in its infancy, deep learning software and algorithms now make it possible to accurately recognize objects, faces, and even emotions from common video streams.

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Spatial Intelligence Platform Pathr™ Announces Release of the “ON THE X” Marquee Software Solution for Brick and Mortar Retail

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --Pathr.ai, the industry's first Machine Learning…

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Pathr™, the Industry’s First Spatial Analytics “Behavior Engine,” Secures Venture Funding from E14 Fund

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 8, 2020 | PRNewswire - Pathr.ai, the industry's first and only…

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Former Intel Technology Strategist Ryan Parker Joins the New Spatial Intelligence Platform – Pathr™

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California, Dec. 19, 2019 | PRNewswire - Pathr.ai, the industry's first Machine…

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Announcing Pathr™, the Industry’s First AI-powered Spatial Intelligence Platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—December 12, 2019—Pathr.ai, the industry’s first and only Machine Learning (ML)…

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Pathr™ Demo Reel: NRF 2020

The Pathr™ behavior engine at work.

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Disruptive spatial analytics technology to move your brand forward

Watch Pathr Founder George Shaw discuss how Pathr’s behavior engine works, in real time, within a retail store context

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"Pathr™ represents a paradigm shift in the way we apply ML and predictive algorithms to better understand how individuals, groups and even objects interact within any number of physical environments—retail being chief among them. Spatial Intelligence is the next wave in shopper marketing, and an evolution of retail analytics as we know it."

- Ken Jackowitz

"Pathr™ provides spatial intelligence while respecting the privacy and dignity of individuals as they move through space. In a market full of invasive facial recognition, socio-economic/racial profiling, and psychographic vaporware, Pathr’s privacy benefits alone make this solution game-changing and future-proof for brick-and-mortar intelligence and security."

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