Technology uses your existing camera infrastructure to collect and generate insights in real-time, allowing you to reduce staffing costs while maximizing the revenue performance of your locations.

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What is Spatial Intelligence?

Spatial intelligence is about understanding the movement and behavior of people inside physical spaces and connecting these insights to business decisions that drive growth and reduce cost.

With no disruptive installation needed inside your locations, our AI-powered software integrates with existing camera assets to deliver real-time insights to you.

How it Works

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Our platform has two cutting edge components that allow us to scale our solution across all your locations.

Sensor Layer

Integrates feeds from existing infrastructure to anonymously capture people’s movements inside spaces.

Key Features

Flexible – capable of using existing hardware, with no disruptive installation required

Sensor fusion – combine multiple data sources, including those from cameras, bluetooth devices, access readers, RFID, and other IoT devices, to gain a comprehensive insight into your environment

Behavior Engine

The power behind our spatial intelligence. We use data science to analyze behavior and create analytics that drive business outcomes for you.

Key Features

Flexible use cases – analytics that can be tailored to your specific business needs

Adaptive – analytics that can be tuned to your location to ensure maximum accuracy

Actionable Insights

We make it easy for you to uncover insights about your customer behavior and make smarter business decisions that drive growth.

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Key Features

Customized and interactive dashboards built on the BI tools you already know, like Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI

Custom reports, data feeds and API for flexibility

Export CSV and PDF for reporting and use by in-house analytics teams

Integrations with third party apps for a seamless experience, like digital signages and mobile apps

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