MIT Startup Exchange Feature:

George Shaw is the founder and CEO of, the first company to use machine learning to extract valuable insights from tracking data to provide actionable business insights for store operators in real time.

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Here’s how this startup is helping companies understand how people move about their stores and shopping centers

Shopping center operators, retailers, office building managers and even manufacturers are using technology from Pathr Inc. to track and analyze how people move in their physical spaces. The operator of a shopping mall, for example, could use the Mountain View company’s service to find out how many people pass by particular storefronts and then use that information to set its rates for those locations.

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Sensor Layer v2.0, powered by Intel, integrates into hotel and restaurant existing infrastructure and delivers an improved solution for understanding how people move and interact inside physical spaces.

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Applying Spatial Intelligence to CRE Operations

Counting crowds has become an important tool in retail: that is, watching where people go in a store to better understand how they look at products and make purchase decisions.

It’s a lesson that commercial real estate should learn, argues George Shaw, CEO of Pathr, a software vendor that provides tools to study the movement of people in buildings without collecting identifying information, to better preserve privacy. Originally designed for the retail industry, Pathr is expanding to other industries, including commercial real estate.

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Just-released AI software lets shopping center cameras capture and analyze shoppers’ movements’s spatial intelligence software, powered by artificial intelligence, analyzes how people move and interact in a space. It already was serving retailers, and today, rolled out Sensor Layer v2.0, which can integrate with landlords’ existing security cameras and other sensors to analyze how people move in shopping centers, office buildings, factories and other commercial buildings. Commerce + Communities Today contributing editor Matt Hudgins chatted with founder and CEO George Shaw to learn what the technology can do for commercial landlords.

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National Grid Partners Announces $150 Million in Fresh Investment Capital; Adds Two Disruptive Startups to its Fast-Growing Portfolio

LOS GATOS, Calif., April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Since its launch less than three years ago, National Grid Partners (NGP) has put $227 million to work in dozens of startups at the intersection of energy and information technology.
Now the utility industry’s first Silicon Valley-based corporate venture and innovation group is poised to continue disrupting the future of energy with a new investment allocation of $150 million.

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Have Retailers Dialed a Wrong Number on Capacity?

As federal and local authorities ponder the challenge of “reopening” the country following weeks of coronavirus lockdowns, it won’t necessarily mean a return to “normal” conditions is anywhere close. Indeed, it seems likely that many of the compromises made to mitigate the coronavirus spread during the crisis will remain in place.

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5 Retail Tech Solutions Keeping Shoppers Safe During Covid-19

The threat of coronavirus is changing the way retailers handle in-store traffic, with many stores limiting the number of shoppers who can be inside at any one time. With social distancing guidelines constantly in flux, retailers are turning to location technology and machine learning to help make shopping safer for both customers and employees.

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Breakup in Aisle Three: Retail Tech Goes the Distance

That same voice calling for a cleanup in the produce aisle may also start telling people to break it up. With social distancing currently a top priority of retailers in the current environment, a supplier of shopper engagement and loss prevention technologies has flipped the script, now making devices that heighten real-time awareness of social distancing in retail stores.

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