Smart, Savvy Leadership - The Pathr™ Team

Our leadership and advisory team is comprised of futuristic thought leaders in machine learning analytics with the experience to provide advanced technology solutions to brick and mortar retailers.

George Shaw

Founder and CEO

George Shaw is the Pathr™ Founder and CEO. A consummate industry veteran working at the intersection of data and engineering, Shaw is a true innovator in the fields of spatial analytics, Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related technology solutions. Prior to founding Pathr™, a disruptive new pioneer in the Spatial Intelligence space, Shaw held senior positions at RetailNext, Intel, Second Spectrum, Target, and many other leading edge brands—working respectively in the capacities of Principal Engineer, Principal Data Strategist, Vice President of Research and Development, Technical Fellow and Scientific Advisor. He serves as an advisor to multiple start-up and emerging technology entities, and is a senior lecturer and educator. He additionally holds multiple U.S. patents for his inventive work in the areas of retail analytics methodology, customer movement and path analysis. Shaw graduated from Boston University, and holds a Master of Science degree from MIT.
Ryan Parker

Chief Operating Officer

Ryan Parker serves as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Pathr™. A thought leader and influencer in the fields of industrial engineering, cloud strategy solutions, platform architecture and application engineering, Parker brings seasoned expertise and management depth to the Pathr™ brand. Prior to joining the company, he served as COO of TBL Systems. He additionally had an extensive tenure with Intel, heading Responsive Retail—and prior to that, serving as General Manager of the Memory and Rackscale Group. Before that, he was also Director of Cloud Planning for Intel’s Datacenter Group. During his time with Intel, Parker also created Network Transformation and IoT strategies for the brand—two of the fastest growing and most highly profitable business areas within Intel. His experience in bringing innovative solutions to market make him an ideal senior leader to help shape a disruptive new category built around advanced Spatial Intelligence. Parker holds an MBA from Arizona State University.
Andy Wong

Senior Retail Strategist

An expert in digital retail growth strategy and implementation, Andy Wong brings strong category experience to the Pathr™ brand. He has played a leading role in the future of retail as a Managing Director for Digital Retail Strategy at Accenture. Wong was also the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Mobispoke, a trusted partner in creating digital and physical customer experiences for leading consumer brands, and led the e-commerce practice for Optaros. Wong holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.
Andor Kesselman

Applied Machine Learning Research and Development

Andor Kesselman is specialist in Applied Machine Learning Research and Development. With deep experience in the fields of real-time inference, Machine Learning (ML), data engineering and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Kesselman brings strong integrated data science knowledge to the Pathr™ brand. He also served as a Research and Development Engineer for RetailNext, a leading provider of comprehensive in-store analytics, as well as a Technical Insights Analyst for the same brand. Additionally, he is an AI consultant for Henosisknot, a blog dedicated to unification through the interconnection between travel and technology.
Jason Sadowski, PhD

Data Scientist

Jason Sadowski is the Pathr™ in-house data scientist. Sadowski brings expertise in statistical inference, geospatial data analytics, and machine learning to the team. As a statistical inference generalist, Sadowski applies experimental design principles to the data collection process to optimize data analysis. Prior to joining Pathr™, he served as a Fellow with the Insight Data Science program. Prior to that, he earned his PhD at UC Davisand his Bachelors of Science from Rutgers University. Sadowski has multiple peer-reviewed publications applying A/B testing and hierarchical regression models to marine biology and is an adjunct professor for conservation biology at University of San Francisco.

Advisory Board

Paco Underhill

CEO, Envirosell; Author “Why We Buy”

Michelle Shevin

Technology Fellow, Ford Foundation; Adjunct Professor, NYU

Ken Jackowitz

Former Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Office Depot / CompuCom

Jumbi Edulbehram

SVP Cloud Avigilon; Former President Americas, OnCam

Mario Ciampi

Former COO Children’s Place; Former President The Disney Store

Bryan Wargo

Chief Revenue Officer, Pixlee; Former VP WW Sales, RetailNext

Joe Gallagher

Head of Data Science, Hustle; Former Head of Data Science, Reddit

Rony Kubat

Chief Technology Officer, Tulip Interfaces PhD MIT Media Lab

Sam Nagar

Research and Development Head, Siemens; former CEO Pixeom

Birju Shah

Head of Product, Uber; Adjunct Professor, Northwestern University