Spatial Intelligence provides information and insights about the movement of people and objects through physical spaces in real time—connecting the implications of that movement to actual business results.

Pathr’s Spatial Intelligence platform was formed to approach a problem that has long affected the industry: Management’s ability to understand and assess the way that essential interactions (between customers and store personnel, customers and other patrons, and even between inanimate objects, such as robots) within an organization’s physical spaces are relevant to its success.


Our team of data analytics and Machine Learning (ML) experts recognized the dilemma that data centric marketers have when attempting to accurately evaluate massive amounts of existing location data.

Pathr™ delivers a viable solution to fulfill this critical unmet need in the market--enabling managers to solve real marketing and operations challenges in real time.

Through our AI-powered Spatial Intelligence solution, Pathr™:

  • Turns raw data from a variety of sources into applied learnings
  • Changes the way businesses see and understand the many daily spatial interactions that occur within their physical environment
  • Applies those insights to achieve more positive fiscal and operational outcomes

“Until Pathr™, there wasn’t a useful way to apply the raw behavioral and spatial data obtained from existing location sensors. Pathr™ takes this information and turns it into actionable business strategies and tactics. Through analysis of a customer, patron or even inanimate object’s movement through a physical space, Pathr™ can help improve sales, communications and operational efficiencies across a range of verticals.”

- Pathr Founder George Shaw


Pathr™ is different from any other data analytics provider on the market today. It’s a unique and entirely new anonymous location data-driven behavior engine, and the only Spatial Intelligence platform of its kind on the market.

Any business sector looking for a more effective way to interact with their constituents—from brick and mortar retail, to casinos, utilities, sports arenas, entertainment venues, and even municipalities overseeing public spaces—can benefit from Pathr’s AI-powered Spatial Intelligence solution!

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Meet On the X - Pathr’s exclusive spatial-analytics, machine learning enabled “behavior engine” designed exclusively for the brick-and-mortar retail environment.

On the X guides staff to be in the right place at the right time.

Did you know more than 87% of retail transactions still take place in a brick-and-mortar location? Physical sales are still customers’ top favorite purchase option. (Source: Statista)

Retail Transactions 87%
Online and Other Transactions 13%

To remain competitive and offer customers a unique experience from online shopping, retailers are continually looking for ways to help their physical storefronts stay relevant. This is especially important as the e-commerce mega marketplace captures increased shopper mindshare and loyalty.

Who can benefit from On the X?

  • Retail brands with multiple storefronts
  • Large franchise chains
  • Mass market “box stores
  • Shopping malls
  • Even small, hyperlocal mom and pops (equipped location sensors)


Our advanced spatial analytics platform takes information and metrics from ingested location data and turns it into real time learnings that help retail managers direct “the action” on the store floor, intercepting shoppers to entice purchase or even diverting potential theft.

Pathr’s software can be applied to multiple locations and multiple stores across the brand chain.


AnonymousPathr™ uses 100% anonymous location data—customer movement is represented only as a “dot” on a digital interface


Agnostic solutionPathr™ is source agnostic and connects location data to specific use cases


Easy DeploymentPathr™ is deployment agnostic—and works with a variety of existing sensors and surveillance systems providers


Loss PreventionPathr™ provides retailers with an anonymous way to stop theft before it happens, without compromising customer privacy.


Human resourcesPathr provides management with valuable learnings about on-floor store personnel management and operational efficiency


Platform SolutionUnlike an app, Pathr is a full-service integrated platform--scalable and modular for a variety of applications

The potential upside for the retail industry?


Recouped from poor customer service losses


In reversed out of stock costs


Saved from inventory shrink (from in-store theft)

Businesses can’t afford NOT to deploy Pathr™ to be their data-driven “brain in the store.”

Recommended Hardware


Intel Mini PC

KitXPS 8930 Tower Desktop

Dell PC Towers

SuperServer 1029GQ-TRT

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