Shopping Centers

Transform your shopping centers with’s spatial intelligence, driving greater business value and shopper experiences.

Use Cases helps mall operators understand their shopper behavior to unlock additional value from their locations.


Introduce a whole new way of setting tenant lease rates based on real-time traffic, dwell time, and capture rate analytics.


Understand where people go, pass by, and stay in your center during specific days and times. Just like how websites have impressions per page, we offer impressions per store in your center.

Retailer Impact

Understand the traffic and dwell impact of each retailer on the locations around them — leverage this information to optimize new retailer placement.

Marketing & Sponsorships

Don’t be blind to how your mall media and events are performing. Use shopper impressions to set accurate lease rates for signage sponsors and measure store traffic that result from that signage.

Amenity Usage

Don’t waste precious time waiting at food court restaurants or other mall amenities – deliver real-time notifications to your shoppers with best times to visit.

Facilities Management

Run your operations smarter with shopper traffic throughout your shopping centers. Understand utilization rates at key facilities, such as restrooms, trash cans, benches, and others, to optimize staffing for maintenance.

Entrance Traffic

Forget individual counting. Enhance your understanding of mall traffic by measuring entrance group sizes from every entrance in your mall to quantify group shopping behavior.

Retail Benchmarking

Measure relative performance along key measures for retailers within a given location or across locations to pinpoint areas for potential improvement.

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